charger DOT-SBC 3 current circuit

charger DOT-SBC 3 current circuit
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Advanced Universal Battery Charger DOT-SBC XUNZEL to charge 3 independent battery banks... more
Product information "charger DOT-SBC 3 current circuit"
Advanced Universal Battery Charger DOT-SBC XUNZEL to charge 3 independent battery banks simultaneously. Easy to use. Plug & Play. Universal. Battery Type: AGM, GEL, Flooded, Calcium and Lithium. Wide input range to charge batteries in different countries. It allows permanent connection to the battery. Safe Design of Battery Terminals. Lightweight and Robust. It provides Power Supply Mode. Extendable. Parallel operation. High power systems can be achieved.Charging Current adjustable. Programmable Charging Voltage depending on the battery type : GEL, AGM, Flooded, Calcium, Lithium and power supply. 3 outputs: 1 priority charge and 2-3 secondary charge (simultaneous). Wide Input range: 90-265VCA y 47-63Hz. Power Supply cable 1.5m included (IECand schuko sockets). Parallel Operation with remote control to increase output power (code: RCDOTSBC, optional, not included)
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