Lithium-User Battery

Lithium-User Battery
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Lithium 12 volt batteries are the "state of the art" among the battery types. They are... more
Product information "Lithium-User Battery"
Lithium 12 volt batteries are the "state of the art" among the battery types. They are clear, smaller and lighter than other battery types of the same capacity. Very high number of cycles / service life (2000 = 100%, 8000 = 30%), almost no self-discharge. Lifespan up to 15 years. Lithium batteries can be charged 2.5 times as fast as conventional batteries. 100% safe, with its own built-in battery management system. The housing is fire-proof according to UL94-VO. The best for marine and caravan applications. Maintenance-free, 180 degrees (overhead) leak-proof and sealed. For all consumers on board, such as lights, electronics, devices. For devices more extremely high power consumption, such as Starter, you need a separate starter battery.
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